Our #SpecialEd #Children’s Stories and Goals to help their Future!

Future SpecialEd – FS Education – Chinuch Vaatid was established in 2012 to meet the needs of children with special needs. The organization runs a special education school for children ages 7-16 with moderate to severe disabilities: learning disabilities, behavioral problems, mental challenges and ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

We believe that it is every child’s right – to have the best quality of life possible. Therefore, FSE – Chinuch Vaatid provides the tools to every child and his family so that they can learn how to cope with their condition in order to reach their full potential, helped by our professional staff and therapists.

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I would like to share with you a touching story:
The Shai family has four boys: Itamar, (15) Matan, (12) David, (9) and Yosef. (8) All four have learning disabilities and at the moment they are part of our school. Their parent also suffers from certain disabilities which in turn affects their children’s ability to develop both academically and socially. IMG_1049While Mrs. Shai calls the staff daily to inquire about her son’s progress, she has some limitations in her ability to help them. For example, although Mrs. Shai seeks out help she is weary of strangers and therefore avoids contact with the staff she does not know. The Shai family is familiar with the welfare agency and social workers are already involved with the family. The family has a genetic syndrome called: Ontogenesis Imperfecta. OI is a group of genetic disorders, characterized by bones that break easily. It’s highly variable. In addition to fractures, people with OI sometimes have muscle weakness, joint laxity, scoliosis, and hearing loss.
Our professional and caring staff focused in on where the family was stuck in order to find proper solutions. The following key areas were identified:
• The brothers don’t get individual attention from their parent’s, rather they are all treated as one unit.
• The father is not involved.
• David and Yosef need special treatment for ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but they don’t receive it, because there are concerns about the side effects.
• Matan needs: RGO leg braces, they are used by people who require them to stand or walk. And rehabilitation treatment in ALYN -Woldenberg Family Hospital is Israel’s only pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation facility. ALYN treats children with a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions.
• The brothers need practice in reading, handwriting, and math, but don’t receive extra help.
Our goals for the Shai family:
1. Monthly meetings with both parents and the principal, to build trust and decide on future goals. At each meeting, only one child will be discussed.
2. Guidance for the staff to deal with phone calls from the mother.
3. Building the students self -esteem, by giving them private tutoring.
About a year later from the beginning of the intervention, the parents come together to the meetings. Most goals were reached, and new goals were set. The students are being treated with medication. Matan is being treated in ALYN and the purchase of the RGO is in the process. The students began music and Occupational therapy.
→Matan was asked, why do you enjoy going to Risa (Occupational therapist)? He answered, “Because she has a lot of interesting games and I like to practice handwriting with her”.
Further general goals:
1. Extending the school hours until 6:00 P.M. including supper, and the high school until 8:00 P.M.
2. Having activities with the school during vacations.
3. Arranging parenting classes and counseling for the parents.
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