A time to Shine in the dark!

Dedicated to our Future and children, watch our new preview to our video coming soon! “Yesterday’s answer has nothing to do with todays problem.”
Keep growing,
Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW

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#Inspired with our children’s 100% test score success today! The #Dreidal is spinning and the light in our students eyes can be increased with your investment. Email – futurespecialed@gmail.com or donate with this email address! Thank you! futurespecialeducation.wordpress.com/blogs

Happy Chanukah from us all!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Baal Teshuva, Music and Chanukah with Emunah for kindness!

Please watch Part 1,2, and 3!

Having the merit of being a Baal Teshuva and connected to so many similar souls. Says in Sefarim that the hechal / higher realm / chamber, of Music and Baalei Teshuva. The light of Channukah approaches with the bridge to all the different souls with Emunah! A Baal Teshuva can make this bridge! In Parshat Vayatzai, Yaakov Avinu runs to lift up the souls of his descendants with his special dedication to truth. The ability to go out and light up the darkness, from the pain and suffering our special souls can reveal the purpose of evry moment. By unifying ourselves together in our work, talents, motivational skills and family can lift up the world around us! With Emunah we can revolutionize and elevate everything!

Future Special Education, visit our Caring parents & Dedicated staff…

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