#Kindness for #Israel #Fireintifada, our children!

Please have all the dislocated families in mind and deed. I have requested from our founder and manager Rav Elchanan the opportunity to host children at our #Specialed program Future SpecialEd – FS Education to ease the situation for the families. Please contact us so #Kindness for #Israel #Fireintifada can be fully available to help.
For information email futurespecialed@gmail.com and for donations to assist this crucial project – paypal.me/EliGoldshmit

Please Donate kindly directly to our Israel PayPal account with – futurespecialed@gmail.com. Click the new paypal.me/EliGoldshmit. So Please Click here for our most effective direct link – PaypalDonateButton

Sincere appreciation from Eli Goldshmit and HaRav Elchanan Vasershtein, founder and manager of Chinuch v’Atid
מהרב אלחנן. ‫אלחנן ויסנשטרן‬‎ <elchananv@gmail.com>

כרגע יש 100 של משפחות וחלצו וילדים. אנחנו יכולים בבקשה להציע לארח כמה ילדים בתוכנית שלנו כדי להקל על מצוקתם. futurespecialeducation.com 


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