The Facts of the Future of Special Education!

This blog post will be about the importance of Special Education at FSE! Read below and more – coming soon!


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FSE – Institute Future Special Education

Thanks for your time!

Thank you so much for developing a relationship with FSE ,our special children’s future together! I am very happy you are showing interest in our programs under the growing global  umbrella of Future and (Special) Education – FSE. Our programs in  Israel are under the official banner of “The heart of kindness” “לב החינוך חסידי” for over 110 students. Our Main first program “The Way of Learning”, has children beginning from year 1 (Aleph) classes and upwards. Specially geared for our students to receive daily personal professional therapeutic connection with teachers. We are becoming established as role models in our local region as the Future of Special Education Center.

“The Way of Learning” – WL includes  pupils with learning disabilities, emotional disturbances and social, mental and A.S.D (Autism Spectrum Disorder ).

FSE will be expanding to approximately 55 students next academic year,

The downside, without more support, we are turning away 10’s of potential developmentally challenged children. This is due to lack of funds and resources to expand beyond our chosen student body. We can enhance our current program and open more classrooms with your support!

Our second program for the next stage of crucial lifesaving education is in our older student program “Inheritance of Tzvi” – IT. Many of our students from our previous program can go on to mainstream education now receiving the coping skills, learning skills and social skills required to succeed. This creates openings for new pupils who are floundering and we stabilize them. We are currently able to teach 30 students at the teenage age group, but as everyone is aware the teenage at risk culture is a massive issue.

We provide the solution for our children at the most important growth period. Therefore, 30 healthy students is a great start, however, this truly needs more support to grow to fully cater for the many street bound children that deserve better educational opportunities.

Our third and newest program – “Hearing and Learning” – HL. This is for special Down syndrome and intellectually challenged children, with an emphasis on social functions and training to life. This new program begins with widely anticipated growth with 25 students and families eagerly looking forward to beginning together the new academic year 2016/7! We need more support to equip our brand new classrooms in our expanded building, dedicated to brightening our special children’s lives!

Our students and families truly appreciate your support beyond word and wish you abundant blessings of success in everything you need. Have a blessed happy sweet new year!

Eli Goldshmit – Executive Director

Contact – +97253317 5856 Email – – Donate at the new -> Donate Generously! DonateNowActionButton


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