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The Evolution of Special Education

Graham Bell and Einstein are two brilliant minds of science who struggled due to learning disabilities.  Learning disabilities don’t necessarily affect aptitude, yet how students are taught and directed impacts social and educational achievements.  Today’s minds are the brilliant scientists, teachers, and mothers of the future.  Proper schooling and social adjustment within warrants the attention of those doctoring and administering laws regarding the trajectory of special education.

Beginning of Special Education

Celebration, of teaching those needing additional help, some with developmental and physical handicaps, began legislating in 1975, evolving over the years to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  The act ensures students with disabilities and special needs are awarded equal opportunity, given the same tools and dedication provided to peers.

special-education-education-for-all-2-638Disparity of Theory and Application

Like most ideologies, the noble gesture and sought ends deserve celebration, but for many professors and teachers, the evolution of special education is met with some frustration, clashing with the realities of implementation, warranting the need of modification and additional funding.  To date, evolution of practices and legislation centers on a few overarching topics.

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The Future of Special Education

Despite waning resources, outdated assessments, and needed funding, special education thrives and continues to evolve along with technology.  One, Encino, CA classroom lets students operate iPad applications, aiding students with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and an array of special education needs. (4)

Many professors and instructors see such tools helping to bridge educational gaps, truly equalizing the learning curve for all students, despite learning disabilities and idiosyncrasies that may have hindered or put disabled students of the past at a disadvantage.  The future and its educators hope for a special education system evolving for the better and regressing from the past.

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Research in our home country Israel year 2000, presented in a report later known as the Dorner Committee in 2007 to address the Special Education approach of the Education Ministry. Argued that only 17% of special-needs children learning in regular schools receive the appropriate and adapted treatment.

The document also observed that according to the Education Ministry’s timetable for making progress with the issue, effective integration – assuming the Education Ministry actually begins the process of implementation – will not be completed before 2020, almost 20 years after the original recommendations.

“The failure to provide for those basic needs [of the students] – along with the schedule established for implementation of the recommendations – raises severe doubts as to the Education Ministry’s ability to make the necessary changes, in order to fulfill the instructions of the law,” the report stated.

“The Education Minister attaches great importance to the integration of students with special needs in regular education and allocates resources for the benefit of this cause,” the Education Ministry wrote in a statement.

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